Pete Killcommons, MD, began his path to the medical field by enrolling in the City College of New York's Accelerated BS-MD program. After completing his BS, he fulfilled requirements to receive his MD from New York Medical College. In 1984, Dr. Pete Killcommons graduated cum laude.

He founded his own business, Medweb, which provides medical imaging, telemedicine, and teleradiology services to doctors and hospitals, in 1992. In 1994, Dr. Pete Killcommons made the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle's business section for his achievement of delivering medical imaging to the Internet. In the same year, Pacific Bell awarded a California Research and Education Network grant that Dr. Killcommons used to link hospital computer networks together for improved information sharing.

Along with serving as CEO of Medweb, Pete Killcommons, MD, heads up the company's philanthropy division. In this capacity, he has made several trips to war zones, such as Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He assesses the medical equipment needs of each area, with an eye toward providing hospitals and clinics with valuable equipment such as medical imaging servers and solar thermal systems to improve patient care.

A licensed pilot, he not only enjoys flying as a hobby but also uses his skills in various humanitarian efforts. He volunteers his services for international medical aid missions all over the world. Dr. Pete Killcommons also assists the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue organization in the United States.

In addition to flying, Dr. Pete Killcommons enjoys outdoor pursuits such as sailing and scuba diving. He belongs to a number of organizations dedicated to these pastimes, including the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the South Beach Yacht Club, and the Alameda Flying Club. Dr. Killcommons also maintains a strong interest in solar power.